How I Became a Team Member or The Journey of a Small Lively Suricate to Fresh & Tasty

12. 01. 2018 - One day, I was paid a visit. The visitors had two legs, two arms, big eyes and grinned from ear to ear. They looked almost like me! But they could not climb trees, and most importantly, they had no tail. That I found quite weird.

Love at first bite

I liked them, though. We started to talk: they said they worked with food. I found that interesting; what's more, I found out we had something in common: they eat a bit of everything. They said they wanted to adopt me and take care of me. If I agree, that is. Why wouldn't I? A steady supply of insects and rootlets guaranteed! ;-) So I became a member of this family, which, just like me, lives alongside many other members. They call themselves Fresh & Tasty. How impolite of me! I forgot to introduce myself. The kids from the French Lycée named me Sourit /suri/. The word means "a smile" and is easily remembered, because I'm a suricate, an animal. I am the mascot of this lot.

Where I live and how

I've got a swell pad in the Prague ZOO and run all my activities from there. You see, as a member of the Fresh & Tasty team, I've got plenty of stuff under my paw. I go food-hunting, then I take a nap, I cook, then I take a nap, I have my pics taken for posters and facebook pages, then I have a snack, I think up smart and funny advertising slogans, then I take a nap, I go food-hunting, I cook with the little chefs and then I sleep. As you can see, I work pretty hard but I also get plenty of rest; balance is indispensable!

On the same wavelength

Some say I’m a small dunce, that it only takes a gentle breeze to blow me away but they have no idea. I might be small, but I'm all the more lively. Moreover, not even the scorpion's or snake's poisons can harm me. 

In that way, we are of one mind in Fresh & Tasty. We do not succumb to the forked tongue of fashion trends. Bread, milk, meat, butter, sugar… To eat, or not to eat? Everything depends on quality, balance and the time given to the preparation and dining itself. We keep repeating that.

As far as food is concerned, I am partial to good food. Quality ingredients, a bit of everything, a big crowd and time spent together: that's my motto.

Sourit the suricate, Fresh & Tasty mascot


How I Became a Team Member or The Journey of a Small Lively Suricate to Fresh & Tasty