About us

We areFresh & Tasty

We offer common daily meals without compromising their quality, freshness
and tastes..Thanks to the Zátiší Group facilities, we are flexible in meeting your demands and able to serve as many as 10.000 guests.

Our meals are genuine.

They are fresh

We prefer top-quality seasonal ingredients. We cook from scratch every day.

They boast authentic taste

We do not use “convenience food”, in other words ready-to-cook meals containing artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colouring.

They are well-balanced

We respect dietary recommendations, we follow current alimentary trends and we are happy about people’s increasing awareness about health.

They are safe

We make sure that the meals are clearly described, including all allergens. All our ingredients may be traced to their sources.

We use a fully integrated quality control and final inspection quality control systems in accordance with HACCP standards and ISO certification.

They are an investment in your talent

Food is not a mere expense item; it provides not only calories, but mental energy as well.

They are the best opportunity to meet colleagues and friends!