05. 03. 2018

23. 01. 2018

Legume spread: starring red lentils

“What would you like for snack tomorrow?” You know how it goes. Once the school year begins, it only takes a couple of weeks before the kids get fed up with your bread and ham.
19. 01. 2018

Carrottie: the sweet carrot hit

Carrot is a great kind of vegetable. I like carrots: they are almost always available, cheap, beautifully colourful and tasty. You can use carrots to conjure up delicious meals, both salty and sweet. 
16. 01. 2018

Rye bread with carrot spread

Carrots, cream cheese and sirene. Yes, three ingredients are enough to serve as the basis for a fantastic spread. 
12. 01. 2018

How I Became a Team Member or The Journey of a Small Lively Suricate to Fresh & Tasty

One day, I was paid a visit. The visitors had two legs, two arms, big eyes and grinned from ear to ear. They looked almost like me! But they could not climb trees, and most importantly, they had no tail. That I found quite weird.