Let's enjoy good food together safely

So far, we have managed to protect not only our customers, but also our employees from Covid-19 infection.

This is due to the measures that we immediately implemented at the beginning of the pandemic. Regulations are always discussed individually, in an effort to find the best way to protect customers and employees, while providing full service.

In general, we have taken the following measures:
1. Upon entering the dining room, we informed everyone about the rules of the dining room, i.e.:
a. Maintain a safe space of at least 1.5 meters between yourself and others
b. Entry only with a mask (this measure is constantly updated based on the regulations announced by the government of the Czech Republic)
c. Use a hand sanitizer before entering the dining room.
d. We prefer cashless payment
2. Employees shall observe increased personal hygiene:
a. They regularly wash and disinfect hands after no more than 60 minutes.
b. They carefully monitor their health. In case of Covid-19 symptoms, they must stay at home and contact their doctor.
c. According to the hygienic traffic light published by the government, masks are also worn during food preparation.
3. Employees shall maintain increased operational hygiene:
a. We regularly sanitize and disinfect all work surfaces.
b. We regularly sanitize and disinfect all critical surfaces in canteens.
c. We regularly sanitize and disinfect tables and chairs in dining rooms.
d. We try to ventilate the common areas sufficiently.
e. We use only professional sanitation and disinfection products.
4. At school canteens, we have taken the following measures:
a. Cutlery is served to students by Zátiší Group employees.
b. The supplementary assortment is hygienically packed.
c. In cooperation with the individual schools, students are divided into groups so that students from different school years meet as little as possible.

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