Saint Martin's Goose

Some traditions are well worth of keeping. On Monday 11th November baked goose on all our canteens.

Halloween Day

Celebrate this Thursday with seasonal pumpkin!

Asian week

From 30th September to 4th October at all our corporate canteens. What do we have in store for you?

Grilled Bratwurst at Aspira Cafe

German grilled Bratwurst sausage in front of Aspira Cafe on Friday 20th September


Our planet is overwhelmed by disposable packaging. In the Czech Republic alone, about 54 tons of disposable food containers is thrown out daily – or 20,000 tons a year! We can do something about it.

Carrottie - the sweet carrot hit

Take carrottie, one of the most popular sweet desserts among both our adult and little customers. We at Fresh & Tasty have been baking it ever since our beginnings, it's a hit.